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Bar & Whiskey Glasses

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- 🥃 This crystal set is made of 100% lead-free glass, food grade, brings you a healthy and elegant life. - 🥃 The glass is super bright and smooth, looks even more pleasant with whiskey filling, it can enhance your drinking pleasure. - 🥃 This glass mug accommodates large, slow melting ice cubes with plenty of room for your whiskey. It is wonderful to hear the sound of ice cubes moving and attacking the glass. - 🥃 This glass mug has thick bottom and wall, very strong and suitable for hands and drinks. - 🥃 This crystal glass set is the perfect solution for love. The curved edges not only provide a unique shape, but also accentuate the flavors and smells of your favorite beverages.
₹ 719 ₹ 999
🥃 PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY JUICE LOVER - Each whiskey glass tumbler is carefully packaged in a box. An exceptional value and an excellent gift for any occasion, perfect for weddings, birthday and anniversary gifts, also it can be used as a high-grade glassware in home. 🥃 PREMIUM MATERIALS - Made from lead free ultra-clarity crystal glass. These classic liquor glassware glasses will sparkle and shine in your hand. 🥃 SOLID AND HEAVY BASE DESIGN - Highly break resistant these glassware sets are heavier and sturdier than others giving you a product with strength and substantiality, They are virtually unbreakable and dishwasher safe, also durable enough to retain its sparkle for many years to come. 🥃 UNIQUE AND STYLISH - Stunning old fashioned cocktail glass set with timeless design. Not only a glass, but also an artwork.
₹ 719 ₹ 999