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Car Accessories

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  • Dream catcher - adi yogi
  • Beautiful hanging craft for car, home, window & garden for positive vibes for positive vibes, hang in the lounge, living, bedroom or anywhere else you would like a decorative.
  • Lord mahadev theme great look, positive vibes, eye catchy, house warming, good charm.
  • A perfect home decoration and beautiful wall art.
₹ 389 ₹ 599

It serves both the purpose of seating and sleeping as it can be converted from sofa to a double bedHigh Quality compact wheel shaped 12 volt tyre compressor. Maximum operating pressure up to a full 260 psi - The High Power Instant Inflator
260PSI, inflates ordinary car tire about 5 minutes(Greater than 30PSI).

Easy to use - just plug into your car cigarette lighter for power, slip universal adapter over tire valve and you are ready to inflate
It can be powered through a cigarette lighter in your vehicle, So it is incredibly versatile and a lifesaver in some instances.
Mini type, Compact Design will fit under seat or in boot minimum space needed, It is very convenient to use when you at home or in travel

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