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Dough Atta Makers

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Automatic Non Electric Dough Maker Machine Atta Maker for Kitchen Dough Maker by Dpiszone; Allows a Hassle-Free Way of Making Chapatti/Roti Preparing your chapattis in the conventional method is not only time-consuming but also inconvenient. This dough maker by Dpiszone makes your life much easier by letting you make your staples in a hassle-free manner. It helps you create the perfect mixture so that you get to enjoy smooth, fluffy chapattis. Convenient to Use : This dough maker set from Dpiszone comes with several handy accessories, including 1 manual mixer, 1 atta maker, 3 measuring cups for flour, water, and oil, and 1 handle. Easy-Grip Handle : This manual dough mixer from Dpiszone comes with an easy-to-grip handle, which makes it convenient for you to hold on to it tightly while preparing your dough. People love to eat chapatis and include it in their diet, but the thought of kneading the dough most of the time brings it down in the preference list. Bring home this Kitchen Plastic Detachable DPISZONE Atta Maker that can take care of all your kneading requirements without creating a mess in your kitchen. Dough Maker Set is time-saving kitchen equipment set & consists of three measuring cups, one bowl, a handle, a lid along with a lid-hole cap to knead atta or maida in minutes without making your hands gooey and dirty. Easy to Operate This roti dough maker is incredibly easy to operate. The manual operation lets you exercise freedom with the speed of churning and consistency of the mixture to make the perfect heap of dough.

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