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The proper organization of things weighs a lot in our daily life, it has an effect on the quality of circumstances and living space. Shoe racks make your space well organized, neat. This 4-Third shoe rack is constructed from durable iron pipes, non-woven fabric and plastic connectors. It is a decent shelf to store your shoes and it fits very well in doorway, front door, mud room, bedroom , closet and so on.This space saving shoe rack could also be put in a corner or hallway.
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Multifunctional - In the living room, the shelves can hold sundries. Put it in the closet and keep clothes neat. Make the utility room look cleaner. Stores up to 12 pairs of shoes: With 4 tiers, this shoe rack can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes (depending on size). Shoe Rack can be used to store not only shoes but clothes, accessories, bedding and lining, CDs and DVDs, toys, cables. You can remove a layer to fit not only boots, high heels, but also fit purses or other larger accessories. Dimensions (60 X 30 X 85 cm) | Color: Multi {Easy Assembly Personalized} Storage: You can remove the panel to build into a 2-tier or 3-tier shoe rack to fit different kind of shoes.
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Slim storage racks are suitable for limited space in kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room and where a space is an issue. Fully use limited space to store many items, make your kitchen, bathroom, living room, office organised and eliminate the trouble to deal with some items. design can store your cans, jars, bottles, shampoos, body wash, shaving cream and so on and demand your different demands.
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