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Nose clip for men and women comfortable seep for men & women

₹ 129 ₹ 399
₹ 139 ₹ 790
₹ 149 ₹ 790
₹ 149 ₹ 349
₹ 209 ₹ 790

In the time of the pandemic, we all have been tired of staying at home because of the lockdown and it becomes difficult for us to even buy the accessories for home improvement due to fear of getting damaged products and quality. There are many e-commerce platforms available that offer home improvement tools online but it’s difficult to trust the quality of products.

Here, our e-commerce platform brings exciting home Improvement products from home utilities to furniture accessories. As we are ensuring 100% Payment protection, customers can rely on the product's easy purchase via any payment gateways and delivery at your doorsteps. Now, you don’t have to worry about stepping outside just to buy home improvement tools as our platform provides various needy tools & products. We also ensure to give the best and qualitative products to our customers within your budget.

Now, you can even check out home improvement tools for décor lighting to building material supplies within your flexible price range starting from Rs.379/-. Although you can also look for garden accessories and home safety equipment on our home improvement store online. You can easily find every small accessory here on our platform.

We are also providing pets and animal care products for grooming your pets at home. In the dilemma of the pandemic, when it’s difficult to reach out to the health care products. Our platform is also supplying health care kits on your doorsteps from first aid kits to vaporizers. Even if you are planning to have a vacation after the pandemic to the nearest places, we offer various travel accessories such as travel bags, safety locks & straps to garment covers.

In the decor home improvement products, we have included lighting accessories such as table & ceiling lamps as well as decorative stones that enhance the aesthetics of the home starting from just Rs.140/- only.

Our online home improvement store is also providing various payment gateways such as UPI, card payments, net banking, and wallet as well as COD for easy purchase of any products. Our shipping and return policy is also flexible. You can return the product or tool within 10 days of purchase in case there is a replacement of products.