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Know-How to sell Online on Vootmart and generate more sales.

Know-How to sell Online on Vootmart and generate more sales.

Have you ever noticed any business card consists of its web address? Yes! You’ll find this on almost every business card or placards or any advertisement poster of them. Because everyone is bringing their store online. This article will cover how you can sell online too on Vootmart and generate more sales.

What does online selling mean?

The other name of online selling is the eCommerce business. This is when your business has an online presence and online selling service is available on a certain eCommerce website or some virtual groups to sell your product.

Your customers can contact you through these sites or groups on the internet and social media platforms and you sell your product for a reasonable price which will be paid through online payment options too.

Why sell online?

The reasons why people are moving towards the online platform are numerous. The first and the obvious reason is people are using the internet more and more compared to the past decades.

Naturally, people are spending more time on the internet. That is why if you start a store offline, you’ll surely miss a large number of customers.

Why selling online is beneficial is discussed in the following points:

  • Get the maximum number of customers while giving appropriate ads In Online.
  • Specifically, target people from different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more.
  • You can show all your products to your customers and offer them to choose from the variety of products you own.
  • The cost of setting up and running up is lower than the offline stores
  • You can keep it open 24 hours and 7 days continuously, with no restriction of time.
  • Operating the business from anywhere anytime is possible.
  • Instant and fair payment without continuation
  • You will eventually generate more sales within a short period.
  • And many more

How to sell online on Vootmart

Vootmart is an online shopping website launched in 2021 January. Just after launching it is gaining a million valuable customers. It is a great start for any startup to grow with Vootmart by selling its products online.

Now, what do you have to do to sell on Vootmart?

➔     First of all register yourself and then as a seller, you will have access to Vootmart’s seller panel. Where you will upload your product details, accept the order requests, check payment status, and so on.

➔     After registering list your products on the seller panel.

➔     Your products will be live on Vootmart and they will be shared on websites and social media platforms and even in the forms of ads.

➔     Soon you will start getting orders from your customers.

➔     After receiving an order you can check them on the seller panel and accept them from there. Vootmart will send you an email to notify you.

➔     After downloading the label pack your product

➔     Then hand over your product to Vootmart’s logistics partners they will take care of them afterward.

➔     Next after the customer’s payment, you will receive your share after deducting their commission fee. That will be credited directly to your bank account within some days.


During the registration process, you will have to share your

That’s it. You are ready to be a seller of Vootmart.


1.   Can I sell my products independently without any eCommerce site’s help?

Yes, you can by making your own website and marketing your site to get more reach.

2.   Can I make money by selling online?

Of course, you can. While selling online it is more easy and convenient to get payments online and in time too than any offline store. You will have what you deserved after deducting the commission fee from the eCommerce site.

3.   What if I do not get my money after selling anything online?

Contact the e-commerce site through which you were trading and ask them about this. And in other cases, if you have proof of selling anything to anyone you should take legal action.

4.   Is it safe to resell any product online?

Yes, it is completely safe to resell any product if you have bought those in retail. If the products have copyright logos and all, you should take permission from the authority before trying to resell them.

Finishing lines

There is a will, there is a way! If you want your business to grow more and be flourished, you should try online selling to generate more sales. Vootmart here is a very safe platform now to sell anything online. It has a million customers now which means you are getting a million viewers of your products and a large number of buyers too.

Take a little step forward and join with Vootmart to thrive and prosper yourself and your entrepreneurship. What are you waiting for? Join and sell online on Vootmart now!

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