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Thick borosilicate glass, Stain-free, clean tasting, safe to use,hot and cold resistant. Hot milk is very convenient. It can also be placed in the refrigerator, suitable for smoothies, juices, etc. The lid is designed for dual-use. You can open the top sealing rubber ring to insert the straw. Also, open the lid to drink directly, it is very easy and convenient to use. Cute high temperature printing, not easy to peel off, clear measurement, makes the straw tumbler more outstanding. Glass tumbler is designed for enjoying your favorite beverages on-the-go. Whether you drink smoothies, iced tea, juices, or water, everything tastes better in glassware!
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Skull Beer Mug,set of 2
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- Wash Coffee Mug before the first use with warm water and liquid soap. - Do not use Hard cleaning agents to clean or rub the surface of the Coffee Mug. - The Coffee Mug can last a very long time it is maintained properly and the shine will last if it is cleaned properly with a sponge. - Make sure that, use only liquid soap and sponge to clean the Coffee Mug. - Design will be send based on Ready Stock.
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