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Resistance Tubes

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Pilates is designed for people who work in the office. They work for a long time at the desk and computer and cause muscle imbalances. They are mainly for muscle training of the abdominal muscles, hip muscles, shoulders, and back. Regular Pilates exercises can correct body posture, relax the waist and neck, solve shoulder problems, and tighten the loose muscles of the arms and abdomen. Our Pilates exercise stick bar have functions such as barbells, puller resistance bands, and rowing machines. Can do all the Pilates movements, can be exercised to the whole body, especially can practice hips, beautiful legs, thin arms !Sculpt and tone your entire body while increasing energy with our Portable Pilates Studio. Now you can perform classic Pilates exercises at home or on the go with this lightweight, easy-to-use design. The bar disassembles for easy storage and transport to help you develop lean muscles, burn calories and look and feel better anywhere.
₹ 719 ₹ 1,199
Foot Rally keyed force with high elasticity made of special materials, its proper use mainly based on a combination of pedal and chain. The chest can better and more comprehensive exercise muscles, particularly helpful exercise waist. Moderate exercise intensity, while effectively avoiding the bombs hurt themselves and others, to make your body look fit. Its charming appearance and dazzling colors will become the new generation of fitness equipment favorite. Eco-friendly material- These Elastic Bodybuilding Fitness Slimming Training Exercise Bands are made up of NBR green foam & Natural Latex and foam wrapped handle. They are non-toxic with safety and environmental protection. Provides safeguarding due to climate change or excessive heat, moisture, slippage and very comfortable. Say Goodbye to those extra calories, flabby muscles and high girth size. Now you can get a trimmer body, toned muscles and a healthier you with Waist Reducer.
₹ 719 ₹ 1,099
₹ 799 ₹ 1,079