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Serving Casseroles

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This casserole set is dishwasher safe, freezer safe, rust free, keeps hot for long time, BPA free, scratch resistance, unbreakable, easy to clean and maintain.

This casserole set is ideal to store roti, chapathi, rice, gravy, sabji, snacks etc. And it will keep the hotness of the stored food item for very long time. This set is light weight and durable and easy to carry.

Lid and Outer side of casserole are made by Quality BPA free plastic material and inner side of casserole is made by double coated stainless steel material which ensures heat of the stored food item.

Package Content: Set of 3 casseroles with capacities 800ml, 1500ml and 2500ml.

Proudly Made In India !!

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- Wash Spoon before the first use with warm water and liquid soap. - Make sure that, use only liquid soap and sponge to clean the Spoon. - Do not use Hard cleaning agents to clean or rub the surface of the Spoon. - The Spoon can last a very long time it is maintained properly and the shine will last if it is cleaned properly with a sponge.

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