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Shaving, Waxing & Beard Care

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₹ 739 ₹ 859

Ideal for hair removal of legs, underarm, chest, back, facial hair and no strips required Hard wax bean is made from colophonium(Rosin), glyceryl rosinate, ethylene/va copolymer, beeswax, paraffin, glyceryl hydrogenate rosinate, methyl hydrogenated rosinate, hydrogenated coconut oil,c30-45 alkyl methicone natural wax ingredients, skin friendly Easy to melt: heat the wax to a working temperature by wax heater. Then using a spatula to stir the wax. Wait for 5 minutes to cool the wax beads and then spread a layer of film wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of the hair growth Easy to remove: can tear off the wax from your skin directly by hand after the wax is cold and becomes hard, and it can remove above 90% of the hairs at one time, then you can use a tweezer remove the rest hairs or apply the wax a second time Time saving hard wax: you can a depilatory at home by yourself and don't need to go to salon

₹ 899 ₹ 999