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Body & Face Skin Care Products

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₹ 259 ₹ 369
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  •  Easy To Use, Quick Cooling, Long Duration & Convenient To Carry.
  •  Enjoy The Cooling And Calming Massaging Effects On Your Face And Body.
  •  Calm Skin And Reduce Burns Of Skin After Sun Exposure. Alleviate Neck And Facial Redness And Fever For Menopausal Females.
  •  Size : Approx. 19 x 8.5cm / 7.5 x 3.3in / Material : Plastic
  •  Package Included : 1 x Ice Skin Roller
₹ 379 ₹ 999

All Skin Type With Vitamin C For Skin Brightening .150ml(Foaming)

  • For All Skin Types
  • Applied For: Anti-acne & Pimples, Anti-dullness, Deep Cleansing, Anti-ageing, Tan Removal
  • Comes in Foaming
₹ 429 ₹ 799

Him Ayurveda Ayurvedic Vitamin C Turmeric Face Wash is 100% Natural and Pure.It Contains Natural Herbs like Turmeric, Lemon Peel Extract,Neem Extract,Papaya Extract,Kashmiri Saffron Extract which purify the skin and gives lightens & brightens skin tone, detoxifies skin.

₹ 469 ₹ 799

Vitamin C serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel Extract and Aloe Vera Extracthas many benefits for skin, including relieving inflammation, tightening pores, and helping with razor bumps.It may also help reduce acne, since it can cleanse your skin of excess oil.Tthe Anti-aging secret that is suited for both women and men. Helping to minimize redness, create a more even complexion as well as making skin tone more radiant and youthful.

₹ 509 ₹ 715

Ratinol Serum with Hyaluronic acid is one of the best Anti-Aging Serum, REDUCE WRINKLES, EVEN DEEP ONES, Skin looks smoother and more resilient over time and wrinkles appear less visible. Enriched to Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Improve Tone & Promote Firmness.  Exfoliates to Reveal Smoother, Tighter, More Supple Skin; Evens Out Skin Tone for Brightness & Clarity; Use Daily to Enjoy a More Youthful Appearance.

₹ 559 ₹ 945

Kumkumadi Facical Beauty Serum Conatains natural herbs like Bakuchi jadi, Daruhaldi jadi, Turmeric Root, Jatamansi jadi, Nagkesar jadi, Manjitha powder, Sesame oil, Argan oil which gives Skin Lightening,Fairness, Reduce Dark Circle and Dark Spot .Him Ayurveda Kumkumadi Facial Beauty Serum is 100% Ayurvedic and natural.

₹ 1,459 ₹ 1,799