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Towel Bars and Broom Holders

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₹ 234.00 ₹ 419.00 44%
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Mop and Broom Holder; Upgraded with Effective Strong Holding 5 Slot Position with 6 Hooks Garage Storage up to 11 Tools Wall Mounted; Organize Ideas; Standard Size:- It is the perfect choice for neatly storing all your cleaning, sports, kitchen and garage handheld tools which feature a handle. Apart from the slots, this DULLWHALE broom and mop storage cabinet has 5 foldable hooks that can be used for hanging any lightweight item you want out of your way including bags, towels, sponges, hats, keys, umbrellas, etc. Featuring a compact size, it can practically fit anywhere, allowing you to place it wherever you like and keep your cleaning, sports, hardware, garage and kitchen tools neatly stored. Suitable For: Brooms, Broomstick, Mop, Cloth Sets, Cleaning brushes, Bath brushes, Duster pan, Dust pan, Long small broom stick . Sports equipment: Badminton racket, Tennis racket, Billiard, Golf Club, Baseball, Rope skipping, Grip, Ball pump, Fishing pole, etc. Color: MULTI Size: 15.9” X 23” Type: Broom positions and Hooks Used For - Cleaning tools Installation: 1. Draw the right position on the wall. 2. Drill holes on the right position. 3. Hammer the plastic tuck into holes. 4. Put the mop holder on the wall and tighten up the screw. Package Includes: - 1 x Mop and Broom Holder 5 x Anchor 6 x Screws
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